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Week 9- Pizza Sticks

This week, I tried something super simple and delicious. I used this this recipe for the dough, then made my own recipe for the filling: First, I prepared my yeast mixture. I waited 10 minutes until it was bubbly… Continue Reading →

Week 8- Vanilla Cupcakes (again)

I looked back and took one of my failiures to redo. Here is the same recipe: First, I creamed my butter and sugar together. In the recipe it said it will take 5 minutes, but it took me 20!… Continue Reading →

Genius Hour Update

I looked back to my plan that I made in the beginning of the year. I wrote, “In the next 4 months, I will hopefully learn to bake a variety of bakes goodies, that may be simple, sweet, or stuffed.”… Continue Reading →

Contacting a professional

I sent an email to Cobs Bread, asking how I wanted to know tips on baking. I’ll hopefully be getting their response soon!

Week 7- Lofthouse Cookies

I love store-bought Lofthouse cookies, so I wanted to try and make them myself. Here is the recipe I used: First, I beat together my butter and powdered sugar. The recipe used margarine as well, but I simply used… Continue Reading →

Week 6- Cake

This week, I made some vanilla cake! Since I’m not an expert, I started off with a cake mix. I used the buttercream frosting of this recipe: Here is the cake mix I used. I made my batter according… Continue Reading →

Week 5- Meringues

I tried something that I have made before, just not alone. This week, I made some meringues. Here’s the link to the recipe: First I added my egg whites and beat them up they were fluffy. Then add your… Continue Reading →

Week 4- Custard Pudding

This week, I made some custard pudding because it’s so delicious! My family has made this several times, but I’ve never tried it. Here’s a picture of the recipe: First, I made my caramel and poured it into my container…. Continue Reading →

Week 3- Chocolate cookies

I decided to learn to bake cookies. I found a recipe that I thought looked easy: First, I beat together my butter, sugar, eggs, and vanilla. I then sifted the flour, cocoa powder, baking powder, and salt. The dough… Continue Reading →

Week 2- Vanilla Cupcakes

This week, I made some Vanilla cupcakes. This is the recipe I used: To begin, I mixed all the ingredients together. I immediately noticed that the batter was way too liquid. My sister told me it was because I… Continue Reading →

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