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Final Blog Post

On Wednesday, I presented my final presentation of my Genius Hour. I created a slideshow showcasing what I did this Genius Hour, with examples of what I did, the fails, etc. I practiced at home a bunch, but while I… Continue Reading →

Final Week

This is the last week of Genius Hour! I decided to make some fried peppers as my last post. First, I mixed my spices together with some flour. Then, I added water to make a paste. Next, I took my… Continue Reading →

Week 10- Contacted my Professional!

I finally contacted my professional! I was stressed for two months, emailing 9 restuarants, but no one answered. That’s when I suddenly remembered that my friend’s dad owns a restaurant. I don’t know how I didn’t remember, but last week,… Continue Reading →

Week 9- No Bake Chicken Bread

This week, I made some no bake stuffed chicken bread. For some reason the photos didn’t load, so I’ll just be explaining the process. First, I made my dough. I combined flour, sugar, milk powder, yeast, oil, and 1 egg…. Continue Reading →

Week 8- Hot and Sour Soup

This week, I made some hot and sour soup. I love having this for dinner when my mom makes it, so I decided to try it myself. First, I cut up my chicken into tiny bite-sized pieces. Then, I added… Continue Reading →

Week 7- Lemonade

Since it has been really hot outside, I made a chose to make lemonade to have as a nice drink! To begin, I made my simple syrup. I added 1/4 cup of sugar, and 1/4 cup of water. I cooked… Continue Reading →

Week 6- Butter Chicken

This week, I made some butter chicken. This is the first cultural dish I’ll be making this Genius Hour. To begin, I washed, then put little cuts in my chicken so my marinade would absorb better. I seasoned this with… Continue Reading →

Week 5- Iced Capp

This week, I tried making Tim Horton’s Iced Capp, since it only takes a few simple ingredients. First, I mixed together some coffee, sugar, and water. Then, I added it into a blender with some milk. Next, I added some… Continue Reading →

Week 4- Hummus

This week, I tried making hummus. Hummus is very easy, so was excited to make it. First, I soaked some chickpeas overnight. I then drained it but kept some water to make it smoother. Then, I squeezed in some lemon… Continue Reading →

Progress Update

Since I recently changed my Genius Hour, I don’t have much to look back to. However, I want to make a variety of drinks. I might be contacting a drink place, since I’m not sure where to start. So far,… Continue Reading →

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